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What Clients Are Saying
We got lucky finding Rob.  
We purchased our first home with Rob and appreciated his honesty so much that when it came time to sell our home, we called on Rob.  Icing on the cake, we bought our next home with him too.  That's three strikes for Rob and when we are ready to move on we'll be sure to give him a fourth.  
As a realtor, Rob is direct and unflinching in his assessment of towns and options for our family.  We always felt like unique individuals and not clients and that is invaluable.
Jen H.- Dedham
I have worked closely with Rob Koritz through four Real Estate transactions. Rob served as the rental agent for my town house in Dover, MA for three consecutive years. Rob advertised the unit well bringing in a large number of prospective tenants. Rob was extremely thorough in checking the candidate’s financial background and other references. In each case I ended up with excellent tenants. 
I recently placed the unit on the market. Rob gave me a number of very concrete suggestions to maximize the unit’s appeal to prospective buyers. His suggestions were invaluable.  He gave me cost effective suggestions that proved to be precisely what tenants wanted. In another instance ,I had planned to make an expensive replacement, and he correctly told me that the expense would not yield a return on the investment I expected. He was again correct. 
Rob was very thorough in advertising and showing the property. He held multiple open houses. In addition to weekend open houses he did something no other realtor has done. He ran "commuter” open houses week nights during the time period when people are driving home from work. The unit sold at the asking price. 
I think it is important to note that Rob did all the showings himself.  Having bought 6 houses over the years I know this is often not the practice. The high profile realtor (typically the office principal) comes in and signs up your listing and then it is shown by other associates in the office rather than the principal.  I have also seen that happen to several of my neighbors in County Court who listed with other realtors. 
I am unequivocal in my recommendation of Rob as either a sales or rental agent for your property. 
Bill R.- Dover, MA